It would not be an overstatement to describe Glenda Rae's voice as one of the great instruments in Canadian or global popular music. Her gift is singular, and doesn't suffer for lack of commercial exposure. The delight in discovery is a real treat for expectant audiences. Glenda never disappoints.

       Raised in a profoundly musical family (father and mother gospel ministers, sister Christine Duncan a respected jazz icon), Glenda's exposure to music began seemingly from the womb. In her infancy she demonstrated an uncanny ability to harmonize with other singers. As she matured, it became apparent to anyone in proximity that her talent was nothing less than prodigious. Her passion for blues, soul, and gospel saturated her musical development.

Glenda's soulfulness is tied to a complete technical mastery of her voice. Centered as an alto, it glides effortlessly through her range. Unique in texture and timbre, she can express herself in the most pure of voices, (complete with the most unwavering control in terms of pitch) or make her voice turn and tumble like a high wire acrobat. Velvet restraint in one instance, and volatile passion the next are hallmarks of a Glenda Rae performance.

For all her giftings both trained and intuitive, Glenda's approach to music is always consistent. She serves the song at all times, and spares no effort in providing interpretations that are intended to dig beneath the surface of the lyrics. She always views herself as a vehicle for songs. a refreshing departure from other less subtle approaches to producing music.

Glenda has entered the world as a songwriter with a stunning velocity. Collaborating with celebrated Canadian pianist/multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger Miles Black, Glenda has penned lyrics and melodies to over 400 hundred songs, spanning a variety of genres including pop, soul, jazz, and new country. Glenda, Miles and Brett Wade, Tony Chamberlist and many other fabulous musicians work closely together, producing and distributing recordings of the new compositions.        

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