Away "12 songs of Christmas"

The angel Gabriel appeared

To her in awesome light

A virgin, lowly Mary

On that silent night

Do not fear said the angel

I bring you joy this night

Oh woman, you shall bear

The son of the most high

Away, away

The baby will be born

Away, away

Then the angel was no more

The angel came to Joseph

In his restless dreaming

Take Mary, be not afraid

It’s not as it seems

The child within her is holy

There is no disgrace

He is the long awaited

As the prophet said

Away, away

In the town of Bethlehem

Away, away

With a manger for his bed

The shepherds came to worship

Wise men traveled far

To find the babe in a manger

Following that same star

Man and beast bowed in honor

With the angels singing

Glory to God in the highest

To the new born king

Away, away

From heaven or kingly throne

Away, away

The Christ child has been born

Away, away

On that first Christmas morn

© Glenda Rae Music 2012