Magi Still

Pennies they gave pennies to save

the grocer, butcher their strong wall fell

Three times she counted, three times she wailed

on the eve of Christmas day

Bell with no ring box with no mail

eight dollar flat of shabby detail

lovers they would be a good life they'd make

Jim Young and Della his beautiful maid

What could she buy what could she brave

A Chain of Platinum so precious and rare

On went her hat down splashed a tear

20 good dollars for a bounty of hair

Two things he had two things he'd save

His golden watch and Della's fine hair

Now worried thin from life's toil and tear

Home to Della first Christmas they'd share

Primp there she did fuss in dismay

Could he still love her small school boy face

No shock or anger no horror to say

only a perplexed look on his face

Please don't be mad it's only hair 

a chain for your watch was oh so dear

please don't be mad it was a watch

but these combs were meant for my Della's hair

In love and laughter they shared a tear

Jim and his Della would wisdom's cup fill

Like Magi of old the Child so near

We giving gifts are Magi Still

© Glenda Rae Music 2012