I'll Remember You

I’ll remember you

When the day fades to darkness

The sun hides its face from the sky

I’ll hear your words softly in the quiet

Whisper to my heart goodbye

I’ll remember you

When the music rises in me

Carries me away to a world all my own

I’ll look for your face when my song is finally over

Longing to see your smile

I could never show

All the love in my heart

Has unbidden love

Depleted over time

Does passion’s flame

Grow weaker without tending

Or are we singed with burning desire

I’ll remember you

When my years are full of living

Time has erased the sting of loves pain

All that’s left is a memory of your laughter

bringing love to this heart of mine.

I’ll remember you

I’ll remember you

I can’t forget all the love we’ve shared

Yes, I’ll remember you

© Glenda Rae Music 2012 theglendarae@gmail.com