Love's Bliss

Watch out little boy

Careful what you do

Feel the icy stare

The eyes that follow you

You can’t get away

I got you in my gaze

Do you like the bars

Of your pretty, pretty cage

So here it is

Not much to say

No matter how we try

We don’t break away

This is love’s wonderful, beautiful, unending bliss

Cat and mouse

The games we play

You let me catch you

Before I run away

Now you’re here

But you won’t stay

Running, running, running

Playing hide and seek

You scurry around

Chasing shadows at my feet

So easy to stay in

Your childhood games

How could you know I’d catch you

At your own game

Your number’s up

The cards all shown

Nothing left to play

Take your marbles

And head on home

Watch out boy

Careful what you do

You know these eyes

Are still watching you

I’ll be here waiting

No matter what you do

© Glenda Rae Music 2012