A Face In the Crowd

face in the crowd

Savaged and pretty

With your bloody red smile

There is nobody

Living in those eyes

A street that's called lonely

With no place to go

You're just a face in the crowd

Verse 2

A man on the corner

Looking for some bread

It's more than ten years now

Since he's had a bed

Talks about leaving

But he'd rather fly

He's just a face in the crowd

Verse 3

Daddy's sweet angel

And her mother's surprise

They don't talk about it

She never cries

She starves when there's plenty

Cause the mirror tells lies

She's just face in the crowd


Who are we?

Where do we come from?

Why do we live in this insanity?

I want to know

Where will it end?

Will it just keep going on?

I can't feel anymore

Wish that I could die

I've already given everything

Just surviving here

Day after day the same

One more face in the crowd

Verse 4

Climbing the ladder

Till you touch the sky

Losing your innocence

Just got to get high

With all this obsession

How could you realize

You're just a face in the crowd

© Glenda Rae Music 2012 theglendarae@gmail.com