Living Proof


I hear your words again tonight

Trying to hold back the tears and fight

With the same old fear

And you put up a valiant front

Till your strength is almost gone

So you give in

I watch you giving up

Pre-chorus 1

I'll be here for you

There's no mountain high

That can keep me from you

Chorus 1

I know love

Is strong enough to reach you

I know love

Turns winter into spring again

And only love

Can show you how to try (love)

If you're looking for a reason to believe

I'm living proof

Verse 2

Have you ever seen an eagle fly?

He soars right through a storm

And falls

Still he keeps on

Like a man who's lost his sight

He questions everything he once knew

Just to find his way

But he won't give up

Pre-chorus 2

I'll be here for you

There's nothing on this earth

That can keep me from you


When you reach out for me

When there's nothing left to believe

© Glenda Rae Music 2012