Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Do you think I'm weak

Do you think I'm crazy for you

Can someone as beautiful as you

 Ever crave someone 

Verse 2

Lately, my bliss falls

So I'm staring angry at me

It's just no good, Mary Jane

 Guess I'm no good


I'm laying in my bed

As careless hours flit by

Thoughts of you come pushing through

My anguished sleep and play with dreams

 Inside of my head

Won't you stay

Till I've drunk my fill of you

Verse 3

But could you say I'm yours

Could you say I'm precious to you

When I'm so unbeautiful

Verse 4

My old haunts return

Colourful flights of a fool's fancies

It's still no good, my Mary Jane

Sweet Mary Jane

 Mary Jane

© Glenda Rae Music 2012