I took off my coat put it away

I’m cursing these hours of constant rain

Watching people a million cars

Go speeding by

Today is already gone

Verse 2

I should have stayed in all day today

Still counting drops on my window pane

Blurring colors of red and green

Confusing me

Today is already gone

Chorus 1

When you fall under the angry sky

You know I will run to you

Though you find some revelation

You know we are born to be


Verse 3

I kicked off my boots threw them outside

I’d like to forget what’s on my mind

Lonely faces and crowded streets

In paradise

Today is already gone

Chorus 2

When you reach for the angry sky

You know I will reach with you

Though we find some inspiration

You know we will always be


Still restless

Always restless

© Glenda Rae Music 2012